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Founded in 2000, Advanced Dental Implant Research & Education Center has been dedicated to training competent implantologists . With world-class clinicians & lecturers, state-of-the art educational facilities, advanced teaching curriculum, AIC has become one of the world’s leading dental implant training institute where more than 13,000 dental professionals have completed the course as of year 2011.
To Be The World's Best Dental Implant Education Institute

  • - Implementing global implant education programs and sharing the latest information and

  • - Providing local and international academic events regularly. (OSSTEM WORLD MEETING,

  • - Providing an on-line education system with various clinical cases which are accessible to
      every dental professionals across the globe. (www.AICimplant.com)
  • Started offering implant education in Kazakhstan, Bangladesh
  • Implementing ‘OSSTEM WORLD MEETING 2012 Taiwan’
  • Implementing ‘OSSTEM WORLD MEETING 2011 Seoul’
  • Started offering implant education in Japan
  • Implementing ‘OSSTEM WORLD MEETING 2010 Beijing’
  • Implementing ‘OSSTEM WORLD MEETING 2009 Bangkok’
  • Started offering implant education in Australia
  • Started ‘OSSTEM WORLD MEETING 2008 Seoul’
  • Started offering implant education in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and Malaysia
  • Started overseas OSSTEM MEETING - Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, India, Malaysia
  • Started offering implant education in India, Russia, Taiwan, China, Germany and USA
  • Started implementing education-by-invitation for dentists worldwide
  • Founded the AIC training center in Korea, started offering basic implant education